Ski- & Snowboard service

Perfectly groomed and looked after equipment...

... is one of the most important things for safe skiing fun. Worn out, inflexible or generally damaged surfaces and rounded or too sharp edges definitely increase the safety risk, as you are not able to navigate or stop your skis in a controlled manner anymore. The smooth-running of the skis is affected and the risk of an accident is increased. With professional tuning by use of the latest modern technology we will make your ski as good as new!

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    Ski Service    
    Top Service Surface repairs, whetstone sharpening, sharpen edges, sharpen side edges, tuning, wax and polish; from € 35,-
    Small Service Whetstone sharpening, sharpen edges, sharpen side edges, tuning, wax and polish; € 25,-
    Waxing Waxing € 7,-
    Electronic binding adjustment with measuring instrument € 15,-
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    Snowboard Service    
    Top Service Surface repairs, sharpen surface, sharpen edges, sharpen side edges, tuning, finish edges, wax and polish; from € 40,-
    Small Service Sharpen surface, sharpen edges, sharpen side edges, tuning, wax and polish; € 30,-
    Waxing Waxing € 7,-
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    per pressure point € 17,-

    Safety first!

    The ski binding is the connection between the human being, ski boots and skis and is responsible for a safe and quick release of the ski in an accident. An exact adjustment lessens the risk of getting badly hurt.

    Therefore it is most important that the bindings will release when necessary and will stay closed when needed. We will check your bindings with modern computer measurement instruments. This will make an optimum of safety and a maximum of skiing fun possible for you.

    We offer you:

    • Ski service with the most modern service machines
    • Computerised adjustment of bindings
    • Best educated professional staff guarantees optimal safety.
    • OVERNIGHT service

    Boot fitting

    Of course, we also offer you the so-called "boot fitting". Feel a pressure point in the ski boot - we push it out and adjust the shoe exactly on your foot.

    Material breach

    For a nominal charge of

    Beginner Class: € 10,-
    Comfort Class: € 15,-
    Premium Class: € 20,-
    Kids Ski: € 5,-

    we assume the risk for a possible material breakage or unintentional damage. Damaged rental items are repaired or replaced free of charge by us. (Repair costs by third parties will not be replaced by us!)


    In the case of theft with protective fee, a deductible will be charged depending on the category:

    Beginner Class: € 150,-
    Comfort Class: € 250,-
    Premium Class: € 350,-
    Kids Ski: € 50,-